Andrea Godard

Experienced Design Professional

My love of image creation started in an 8th-grade darkroom. The transition of watching silver oxidize into a well-defined moment was a sweet bit of magic—a perfect combination of math and art. Journalism and the power of storytelling came next. As an editor, I developed a strong sense of deadlines and priorities. And as a member of a team, I learned the art of collaboration and listening.

My approach to design is centered around simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. Less is more, and a clean and uncluttered design can be more impactful than one overly complex. In addition, I constantly push myself to think outside the box and explore new techniques and technologies.

I am deeply committed to quality and craftsmanship. I believe that attention to detail and a commitment to quality are essential to producing outstanding work.

In my spare time, I often lose myself in my favorite cookbooks, creating delicious meals, and tending to my cherished plants. My love for travel and photography also plays a significant role, with each journey fueling my creativity and infusing my work with the diverse influences of the people, places, and cultures I encounter.

Great design is about

appreciating the elegance of simplicity,

the grace of natural textures,

and balancing aesthetics with strategy.

Hear From My Happy Clients:

Real Stories, Real Success


“When I enlisted Andrea to design my logo and branding, I was so impressed by her calm and elegant approach,”

 I hired her for website modifications, designing Mailchimp-email journeys, and coaching me how to manage my website. I now rely on Andrea’s insightful guidance as a business coach too. She updates and inspires me with opportunities I wouldn’t have thought of for growing my business. I love her eye for graceful yet contemporary design and trust her honest counsel. She’s simply lovely to work with.

Mary Beth Vierra, Founder, Crush Course

“Andrea did an amazing job on my first-ever author site.”

She captured the spirit, story and fun of my debut novel with a gorgeous and easily navigable website. I’m so proud to show it off. Thanks, Andrea!

Libby Gill, Author of Malibu Summer