Wine Club setup with Woocommerce

Recently, several clients have wanted us to implement a wine club. We use Woo-Commerce for most of our sites. Our first inclination was to use their plugins for memberships. When we implemented this solution, it lacked essential features. These included changing the subscription price and the flexibility to run the wine club anytime. Because of this, we developed our wine club plugin for woocommerce.

As a former wine club manager, I know much about wine clubs. I knew the features I wanted for a successful and fast wine club run. The following features are:

1.) An option to skip shipments.
2.) Enable local pickup.
3.) Custom discounting.
4.) And our favorite feature, batch order processing.
5.) Custom notes for CRM.

This plugin works well with our Square — Woocommerce sync plugin.

Get more information here. If you are interested in using our plugin, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss.

This solution is active in Idle Cellars and Bannister Wines.

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